Gary Walker has not only created and coached a highly successful philanthropic marathon training program, safely completing 17 marathons himself, he has also brought compassionate individuals, small local businesses, a non-profit, and a large city-wide event together into a program that lifts up an entire community with great spirit and unity. Beyond this success, however, is the opportunity for communities across the country to rise into their potential, offering real relief to important causes everywhere, offering real healing and real growth to everyone involved. Gary has adapted his proven WIN-WIN-WIN program into these further opportunities …

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Gary has a passion for helping beginner runners and walkers, especially those who question their ability, to assess their current situation and creating a safe, effective routine for maintaining a positive physical and mental lifestyle. Top priorities are injury prevention and mental preparedness, shepherding all kinds of people from the couch to finish line victory, whatever the goal is, achieving the delivery of over 270 marathon and half marathon medals! Whether you have never been active in your life but want to start moving into a safe program that builds into a healthier lifestyle, are already active but want to integrate a safe running program to further enhance your lifestyle of recreational fitness, or you’re interested in taking your running to an endurance level by training safely for a 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon, Gary will work with you to create just the right program for you.

While Gary’s focus has been on helping individuals rise into their potential, he has proven success in building unity and strength within the community by building positive relationships between individuals, local businesses, non-profit organizations and event organizers to yield amazing results. Individuals achieve greater health and reach impossible goals. Small businesses get recognized with positive visibility and prosper. Non-Profits receive greater awareness and funds that help those who fall through the cracks of society. Events get bigger and stronger with a joyful grassroots community spirit. How do we go from zero to hero? Gary brings the experience, personal perspectives and proven philosophies from his long-successful team program to your own life, organization, or business. Call to schedule his presentation for your group today!

It’s no secret that businesses that have a happy and cohesive workforce have higher productivity and lower turnover. It’s also no secret that businesses that show community responsibility show a more loyal customer base. Both qualities improve the bottom line. It’s because we’re all human beings, complete with our own unique skills and vulnerabilities. When we create a positive and healthy atmosphere of personal trust and support for one another, everyone feels safer, happier, and more productive, and business is just better.

There are two ways your business can benefit. You can get involved simply by becoming a community partner with TeamFX, integrating into an existing system of community support that helps abused and neglected children while creating positive community visibility for your customers and employees. OR to benefit and create impact on a larger scale, you can implement your own team within your company, employees working together on a collective philanthropic goal outside of the office, creating positive internal relationships while becoming known by your customer base as a major supporter of the community. We’ll show you how.

Are you a runner who wants to step up and do more for your community? Talk to us about how we can adapt our program to you, wherever you are. We’ve learned the ropes and built the infrastructure so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to pulling together a successful and beneficial organization.