Training for the Austin Marathon & Half Marathon

MYTH: “I can’t train for a marathon or half marathon. I’m not in shape.”
MYTH BUSTER: Training for a marathon or half marathon with TEAM FX will get you into shape safely.

Our uniquely affordable*, 27-week couch-to-race training program begins with walking a mile! From there, we teach injury-free training in a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment, stay present with our personal goals, celebrate our weekly progress, and support each other along the way. 100% of our participants who made it to the race day start line have made it to the finish line! Our Early-Bird Registration period for the 2017 training has begun, so come join us!

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Anyone at least 18 years of age by February 19, 2017 (or 16 if joining with a legal guardian) who is in reasonably good physical health and cares about their community can qualify to train with us to achieve a FULL MARATHON or HALF MARATHON.

We are a diverse group with various backgrounds, and so some will train faster than others, but this program is designed to accommodate the very beginner as well as the seasoned runner. We start slowly to build and improve basic fitness and then gradually ramp up endurance and agility over several months, enough to be ready to make it across the finish line. We are not hard core sprinters or professional athletes. We just want to create a positive experience together and make it across the line injury-free. To date, 100% of our runners who made it to the start line have made it to the finish line!

Our community involvement and networking make it a truly meaningful experience for everyone. We are all about running safely, reaching high, making a difference and having fun! Click HERE to see what our runners have to say.

*Unlike most other local training programs, the cost of your race registration is INCLUDED in our amazingly low one-time Team FX registration fee, subsidized by the support of our local business partners (listed at the bottom of the page) to create awareness and positive change in our community! Click HERE to check out the long list of amenities we offer at one low price!

We deeply appreciate our close relationship with the AUSTIN MARATHON. They celebrate their 26th Anniversary this year. The event will take place on February 19, 2017, and will attract around 20,000 runners to Austin from across the world, from Olympic-qualifying elite athletes to first-time novices. The course is a 26.2-mile loop around the city that originates and finishes on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, complete with fireworks and live bands along the course. Click HERE to learn more about the Austin Marathon experience!

“The Austin Marathon is glad to have the Team FX training group involved for another year. They continually use their group as a platform to increase community involvement and fundraise for a vital Austin nonprofit, both values the Austin Marathon embodies.” — William Dyson, Communications Manager, High Five Events