Our Story

In the fall of 2005, Gary Walker, owner of Austin Visual FX studio TexFX, set out to assemble a small community of like-minded colleagues from the local film community to train together for the 2006 Austin Marathon. Having already run three marathons, Gary decided to boost the experience by running for a cause.

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The decision to benefit the Austin Children’s Shelter, a small local refuge for children removed from their home due to life-threatening abuse and neglect, came from Mr. Walker’s wish to honor the life and work of his sister, Eve Nixon. Ms. Nixon was only 23 when she parented a rescue foster home with her husband, Lewis, at times caring for 5 children, in addition to their own two. The stories of these young children were heartbreaking. Tragically, on a family outing in 1983, Ms. Nixon drowned, and the home dispersed soon after.

That first year of training, thirteen men and women began the journey. Seven completed the training and finished the marathon, while raising $8,897.48.

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Austin, the team, and the shelter have seen incredible changes since then and we’re now in our 11th season, having presented 270 race medals for both the full and the half marathon runners and walkers and raised a total of over $340,000. Over these years, Gary has also lost his father, mother and other sister, but his community of faith and hope keep him going strong.

The seed of this resounding success has been the ability to recognize the possibility within each one of us to come together to rise into our true potential. Without labels or judgment and with eternal hope for the future, we can, together, take down the walls that keep us from recognizing our infinite value and build the bridges that lead to healing for ourselves and each other.

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Team FX continues with its annual training and fundraising program for the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, while always finding ways to reach out to the greater community to lead individuals, local businesses, and non-profits into their potential. To inquire about private coaching or to have Gary speak to your group, CONTACT US on our home page. Thank you for your interest!