Some Testimonials

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“I joined TeamFX weighing just over 270 lbs having not run a mile since the President made me in the High School Physical Fitness Test in 1985.  Now over 45 lbs later, I completed the Austin Half Marathon, the Cap10K and now try and run 11-13 miles a week.  Coach Gary and Coach Aida were amazingly supportive to me in my journey over the 6 months of the program.  They taught me everything I needed to know to be successful in completing the half marathon.  Step by step, mile by mile, I have run over 500+ miles in the past year and I hope I never stop.  But even with the weight loss and the running, that’s not really what it was all about for me.  It was also about supporting the kids at Austin Children’s Shelter.  And when I heard about the way the TeamFX program was connected to ACS, I knew this was the program for me.  Not only was the program life changing for me, my hope was that it would be life changing for some of the kids impacted by my fundraising.  So even if you’ve never run a mile in your life, consider joining TeamFX.  No matter what your fitness level, no matter what your experience, if your heart resonates with the purpose, consider joining me and my team mates for the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon.  I’m training for the Full this year.” Doug went on to complete the Austin Full Marathon with TeamFX that year!
– Doug Upchurch, Half & FULL Marathoner

“Not only did TeamFX help me finally achieve my goal of running my first marathon (after 5 years of trying and failing), but being part of the team helped me meet some wonderful people with hearts so big I cannot help but let my own grow as well.  I am so proud to have been a part of this team, and hope I can for years to come.”
– Casey Steenport, Full Marathoner

“I showed up to TeamFX’s first session just for information and lo and behold, I ran my first half-marathon just months later! Being a part of Team FX has had a positive impact on my life – health, attitude, and humility. I may never be the best runner, but this team assures me that just by being ‘me’ I can accomplish anything!”
– Dr. Andrea Pobanz, Half Marathoner

“I had never run in any capacity, but after working with Gary and the great group at the Saturday trainings, the weeks flew by, and I was able to finish a full marathon! AMAZING! The extra energy and focus I gained through the experience helped a bunch with the family at home, especially with our second child being born during the training! The friendships we still have and the fun we had has now got my wife hooked, as she plans to join the team and run the half marathon this year!! See you on the trail and go TeamFX!”
Abe Moore, Full Marathoner

“I had never run before. With two kids under five, a full time job, and writing my dissertation, I wasn’t sure what training for a full marathon would mean. It turned out that being in the best shape of my life gave me more energy, made me more motivated, happier, and able to focus and accomplish all of my goals. I ran that 26.2 miles, had a blast, despite the challenges, raised lots of cash for The Austin Children’s Shelter, and now have a new set of amazing friends in my life. What more could you ask for?”
Holly Custard, Full Marathoner

“I always thought of running as a solitary sport until I joined the team and found joy in the companionship of my fellow runners. I’ve learned so much from the coach and the other team members about form, nutrition, and the benefits of stretching after a run.”
Aida Pollard, Half Marathoner

“TeamFX has been a great way for me to keep in shape, meet new people, network, and support the community. Through the team, I’ve met many great friends and accomplished great things.”
Justin Reusch, Full Marathoner

“The reason I started training was that I got a very scary pronouncement from my asthma doc that my lung capacity was at 50% and I was heading toward emphysema. I DID NOT want that, so I decided to start running. Then I joined TeamFX and ran a freakin’ half marathon! Now my lung capacity is at 95% of that expected for my age group. 95%!!! He and I were both flabbergasted and excited by the news, so I’m definitely going to keep training!”
Jennifer Henson, Half Marathoner

“Being on this team was a fabulous experience. I have several new wonderful friends, and I learned proper running techniques, excellent stretches, and a lot about my own ability, all while helping the community. Thanks TeamFX!”
Ann McGinley, Half Marathon Walker

“I thought I’d never be able to like running until I joined TeamFX. It was good for my body, it was good for my social life, and it is was good for the kids in need. It doesn’t get better than this.”
Angela Pires, Full Marathoner

“Upon joining TeamFX, a powerful bond formed within me, within my community and within the team, all for wellness for each. Joining TeamFX was like other great things in my life … the more I put in, the more everybody got back.”
Reed Hart, Full Marathoner

“TeamFX inspired, educated and empowered me with its strong mission-driven focus, welcoming attitude, and supportive community of runners. For me personally it led to my fastest race time ever.”
Eddie McKenna, Full Marathoner

“I enjoy the varying skill levels of the members. It makes the team diverse and inclusive.”
Philip Goetz, Half Marathoner